Model Slipway was formed in 1989 to produce model boats of the best detail, designed to look and perform like their full-size counterparts. The kits are based on a glassfibre hull and come complete with prop-shafts, rudders (and propellers in some cases). Decks and superstructures are constructed from styrene plastic to mimic the finish of modern vessels.

All kits are complete including a set of fittings together with assembly drawings, plans and building instructions. Paints, adhesives and radio control equipment are not provided. Tools and equipment will be required to complete.

If you have built a few wooden or plastic models, or have some modelling experience in other fields, as a “first” Model Slipway project we recommend the following kits:

AL KHUBAR Harbour Tug
CASPAR 1960s Dutch Coaster
Europa COASTERS 10 and 4 Hatch
MAGGIE M. Trawler
LOYAL CLASS Fleet Tender

Once you have built a few models you will probably find these kits well within reach:

AZIZ Anchor Handling Tug/Supply
VLIESTROOM Dutch Buoy Handler
TSEKOA Buoy Layer

For those who enjoy a constructional challenge: TAMAR Class Lifeboat

With over fifty years experience in model boat building, technical support is always available. We trust you will find a kit in the following pages, which will be of interest to you. Should you have any queries or problems do not hesitate to contact us.

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We reserve the right to alter the specification of any item illustrated or listed in our website