Model Scale 1:43
L. 1108 mm - B. 248mm
Displ. approx: 11.5 kg

Built in 1940/3 by Cochrane & Sons Shipbuilders Ltd (Selby, U.K.) the 21 tugs in the class were designed for escort/rescue work and sported a variety of unique names. The kit comes in 2 versions
and contains all the required parts to build the model as a WWII Rescue Tug or as a Civilian Tug.

Adept W107

Dexterous W111

Prosperous W96

Adherent W108

Earner  W143

Prudent W73

Allegiance W50

Frisky W11

Restive W39

Assurance W59

Griper W112

Saucy  W131

Antic W141

Hengist W110

Sesame W144

Assiduous W142

Horsa W97

Stormking W87

Sharon W109

Jaunty W30

Tenacity W1

Kit Contents: a detailed glassfibre hull and a glassfibre funnel; prop-shaft, rudder and a 70mm dia. brass propeller; cnc-milled and printed styrene plastic parts for the construction of the decks, engine room, superstructure and wheelhouse. A set of fittings manufactured from high grade cast alloy, and a sheet of etched brass items including the stanchions for the rails, rope reels, brackets for lamps and lifebelts, locker hinges etc. Vacuum-formed ship’s boats;  cast alloy kits for the anchor windlass. All the rod, wire, dowel for masts and other items needed to finish the model as illustrated. The two full size plans and step-by-step construction drawings will enable the enthusiast to build this model to museum standards. Flag and model names are not supplied.

The Kit is available in two versions:
ASSURANCE WW2 Armed Tug - Code MS-31
with a 12-pounder deck gun, 2 Oerlikons, Carley floats
ASSURANCE Civilian Tug - Code MS-31a - without armament and Carley floats.

Kit Price:
MS-31 Armed Tug: £359 - Motor, Coupling £30
MS-31A Civilian Tug: £339 - Motor, Coupling £30

Not supplied: the flag, model names, paints, filler and adhesives. Tools and equipment.
For R/C Operation
: 2-channel RC, speed control, motor, coupling, battery and charger.