TAMAR -  Kit Code MS-30


Model Scale 1:16
Length 1000mm
Displ. approx. 7.5 kg

The Tamar class is the result of several years of research and development by the RNLI to produce a slipway-launched lifeboat, which is virtually unsinkable. The lifeboat includes the computerised Systems and Information Management System (SIMS) that enables crew to control many of the lifeboat's functions remotely from the safety of their seats. Other features include advanced ergonomics that reduce the impact on the crew as the lifeboat crashes through waves, and a powered Y-class boat stored behind a transom door to allow immediate deployment. The Y-boat is accessed by lifting a section of the rear deck, then launched and recovered on to a ramp provided by the lowered transom door.
The kit contains all the required parts to build the model:
  • Two glassfibre mouldings: the hull and the deck
  • Prop-shafts, propellers, brass rudders; a bow-thruster tube
  • Cnc-milled and printed styrene for the construction of the cabin with detailed interior
  • A set of fittings and stanchions manufactured from high grade cast alloy
  • Three large sheets of etched brass parts with window frames, instrumentation, interior detail.
  • Pre-formed mast arches from brass tube
  • Vac-formed bow fender, liferaft boxes, liferings, filler bays and hose reel
  • A vac-formed styrene kit for the Y-class boat with Lettering and Numbers
  • Self-adhesive Lifeboats lettering and RNLI flags
  • Over 70 construction drawings and main plans

The Y-boat compartment under the rear deck is an optional fitment with a choice of building the deck door as a one-piece removable unit or with folding sections. The transom door can be represented by a score in the GRP or drawn in with a permanent marker pen. The more experienced model maker will no doubt wish to build a working transom door however no detail is given in the kit. We have ensured that the steering gear is below the Y-boat deck level should the modeller wish to house the Y-boat below decks.

Not supplied in the kit: a "Lettering Pack" for any Tamar in the fleet (available from BECC Model Accessories). Paints, adhesives and tools will be required to complete.


Required for R/C Operation: 2 or 4-channel RC, speed control, motors, couplings, battery and charger.
Brushless motors and R/C available from SHG Models, tel. 01785 840308